Odoo Integration with Aircall

Experience Effortless and Friendly Communication with the Seamless Integration of Odoo and Aircall, Empowering Your Team to Connect and Collaborate with Ease for Unprecedented Success.

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What is Aircall?

Aircall stands at the forefront of modern business communication solutions, offering a cloud-based phone system designed to empower organizations with advanced telephony features.

With its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities, Aircall enhances team collaboration, customer interactions, and overall communication efficiency.

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Why Opt for Odoo-Aircall Integration?

Icone of Centralized Communication Hub

Centralized Communication Hub

  • Consolidate your communication efforts within Odoo.
  • Eliminate the need for multiple platforms and enhance operational efficiency.
Icon of Efficient Sales Calls

Efficient Sales Calls

  • Empower your sales team with click-to-dial functionality directly from Odoo.
  • Access call logs, recordings, and customer data in one place, making every sales call more effective.
Icon of Enhanced Customer Interactions

Enhanced Customer Interactions

  • Provide exceptional customer service by integrating Aircall's calling features seamlessly with Odoo's CRM.
  • Access customer information during calls, track interactions, and improve customer satisfaction.
Icon of Real-time Collaboration

Real-time Collaboration

  • Foster collaboration within your team by integrating call data into Odoo's collaborative environment.
  • Easily share information, schedule follow-ups, and keep everyone on the same page.

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Picture of Communication Processes for SMBs

Key Features

Enhances Communication Processes for SMBs  

 Click-to-Dial Functionality

Initiate calls directly from Odoo with a single click, reducing manual effort and improving call efficiency. 

 Unified Customer Data

Access comprehensive customer information during calls, providing a 360-degree view for personalized interactions. 

 Automated Call Logging

Automatically log call details and recordings within Odoo, creating a centralized repository for customer interactions.

 Real-time Data Synchronization

Ensure that data is synchronized in real-time between Odoo and Aircall, maintaining accuracy and consistency. 

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