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Designing Tech Dreams into Reality

  Every day is an unfolding chapter where curiosity is not just encouraged but celebrated. Whether you're a seasoned professional charting new heights or a fresh graduate stepping into the professional realm, each moment is an opportunity for exploration, growth, and the crafting of your unique professional narrative.

Our doors are wide open for the thinkers and dreamers of tomorrow. Every year, we welcome graduates and trainees not just to absorb the intricacies of Open ERP/Odoo but to contribute their own unique perspectives. It's an interactive exchange where knowledge flows freely, shaping not just their careers but also the collective intelligence of our community.

Meet Our Code Crafters and Dream Weavers,

Meet The Caretians

At Caret IT, you'll find a dedicated ensemble of hardworking executives, visionary Odoo ERP Developers, and insightful Consultants—each a specialist in their own right.

Picture of Director of Sales, North America, Andreas Labrakis

Andreas Labrakis

Director of Sales, North America

Andreas Labrakis, our go-to Maverick Explorer, is all about breaking barriers and crafting solutions that go beyond the ordinary.  He brings a unique blend of adventure and expertise to our team. His talent for uncovering hidden potentials and pushing the boundaries of innovation makes him a true force in our pursuit of excellence. 

Picture of Enterprise Architect, Randhir Mayatra

Randhir Mayatra

Enterprise Architect

Meet, the visionary behind our enterprise architecture. With a wealth of experience and a strategic mindset, Randhir ensures that our Odoo implementations align seamlessly with your business goals. His dedication to optimizing systems and processes forms the backbone of our robust solutions.

Picture of Project Manager, Parth Ghediya

Parth Ghediya

Project Manager

He is the driving force behind the flawless execution of our projects. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to timely deliveries, Parth ensures that your Odoo solutions not only meet but exceed expectations. His leadership ensures a smooth journey from concept to implementation.

Picture of Sr. Odoo Functional Consultant, Bhadrika Patel

Bhadrika Patel

Sr.  Odoo Functional Consultant

Bhadrika is one of our Sr. Odoo Functional Consultant. She brings a unique blend of functional expertise and leadership skills to the table. Bhadrika is passionate about crafting solutions that precisely cater to your business needs. As a team lead, she inspires her colleagues to push the boundaries of innovation.

Picture of BDM, Hiren Modi

Hiren Modi

Business Development Manager (BDM)

Hiren is the face of our client relationships. With a customer-centric approach, Hiren establishes and nurtures partnerships, ensuring that our solutions align with your evolving business requirements. His strategic insights and personable nature make him a key player in our success.  

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